Winter Mindfulness

3 days to go! Explore the beauty of winter in today’s blog post as we discuss how to take care of wellbeing during the winter and festive season. Here are 4 mindfulness exercises for the season:

1. Cosy Gratitude Practice

Make a cup of tea or another warm drink and find a quiet place to rest comfortably for 10-15 minutes. You might choose to sit next to a window so that you can gaze outdoors for this practice. As you sit in quiet contemplation, take some time to make note of all that you have to be grateful for this season. Some of the things you might consider include the heating of your home, the warm beverage in your hand, and the technology that enables you to remain connected to loved ones.

2. Mindful Nature Walk Outdoors

Bundle up appropriately for the weather where you are and then head outdoors. Make your way to a natural environment and begin your mindful nature walk. How does your body feel? How does your heart feel?

3. Mind Journalling & Self-Reflection

Another mindfulness exercise that is wonderful for winter is mindful self-reflection and journaling. Cosy up with a blanket, a journal, and a pen. Then, begin to reflect upon how you are feeling on this particular winter day.

4. Slow Mindful Movement Practices

During the winter season, we might naturally feel called to explore slower styles of movement and exercise. If this feels true to you, you might consider exploring mindful movement practices such as yoga or mindful walking.


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