Our philosophy is simple: When you feel your best, you look your best.

Despite extensive research to support this connection, it’s still relatively unexplored by the fashion world. The focus is so often on our outward appearance – on celebrating beauty and disguising flaws – that how we feel can get lost along the way.

We’re here to redress this balance. As well as using the highest quality, buttery-soft fabrics to nurture and comfort, we’ve created an online wellness hub, The Circle of Feeling Good, for your daily dose of positive vibes. Our affordable ethical clothing collection merges comfort, sustainability, mindfulness and style, so that you can look and feel phenomenal everyday.

Our QR codes

Join our journey to self-love, mindfulness and feeling good.

In a stressful modern world, we could all do with a little friendly support. That’s why we’ve created The Circle of Feeling Good, the online mindfulness platform designed to make your day that little bit brighter.

Simply scan the QR code on our swing tags, flyers and packaging to unlock your daily dose of feel-good support. From self-care advice, to meditative exercises, to inspirational quotes, The Circle of Feeling Good is helping women everywhere embrace a conscious, mindful and positive lifestyle.

Our Care Labels

Love yourself and the rest will follow.

When you love your clothes, you care for them well. So why not give yourself the same treatment?

Our care labels help you do exactly that. Combining gorgeous artwork with inspirational messages, our labels are designed to uplift and empower you wherever you go. Tucked in the pocket of your favourite jeans, slid inside your purse, or hung over your desk, they’re a daily reminder to look after yourself — just as you would that beloved cotton tee.