Who We Are

Welcome to EP: the affordable sustainable clothing brand on a mission to help women feel phenomenal — inside and out.

Minimalist, stylish and handmade with love, we’re the first eco-friendly clothing brand that’s shifting the focus from how you look, to how you feel. We combine buttery-soft ethical fashion essentials with positive messaging to comfort, uplift and empower your everyday.

Designed for busy and dynamic women of today, our beautiful collection has been lovingly crafted to support a conscious, positive and mindful lifestyle — morning to night.

What We Do

We make your go-to’s.That versatile tee that’s perfect for a lunch date, work or evening drinks. That velvety soft jumper that feels like a hug. Those insanely comfortable trousers you wear twice a week, but last forever.

Our affordable sustainable clothing essentials are a companion for life. Made using only the finest quality, durable and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified eco-friendly fabric, they’ve been carefully crafted to last. Look after them, and they will love you back!

A Word From Our Founder

“I have always been passionate about creating joy and power in women’s lives. That’s why I founded Everyday Phenomenal.”

All my life, I’ve been passionate about fashion and social impact. As a teenager working with artisan clothesmakers in Bangladesh, I saw how the economic empowerment of the textiles industry could make a real difference to underprivileged communities. Inspired by my experiences, I launched my own socially-responsible fashion company in 2011: Fashion ComPassion.

Fashion ComPassion marked the beginning of my mission to foster positivity in the fashion world. As well as championing sustainable fashion brands working with marginalised communities around the world, the company helped bring artisanal-made accessories to a global audience.

Today, I’m using all that I’ve learned to generate a positive impact not only for the people that produce the clothes, but for those that wear them too.

To me, fashion is about stories, self-expression and creativity. Clothes tell our story, who we are and how we view ourselves. There is an indisputable link between what we wear and how we feel. So I created Everyday Phenomenal: a sustainable clothing brand that not only makes you look good, but feel great too.

As modern women, it’s easy to feel we’re being pulled in multiple directions; expected to be everywhere and everything at once.

EP combines style, comfort and positivity to promote a philosophy of self-love and mindfulness. Through our collection, I want to remind women they are counted and powerful, so that they can look and feel wonderful — everyday.