We’re a sustainable clothing brand on a mission to help women feel phenomenal — inside and out.

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Everyday Women Are Phenomenal

They’re pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, sisters, and infinite other wonderful things, all at the same time. This is for you.

We’re the first eco-friendly clothing brand that’s shifting the focus from how you look, to how you feel. That’s why all of our ethical fashion essentials link to our online mindfulness platform — for your daily dose of good vibes.

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The Circle of Feeling Good

Let’s face it, life is stressful. From time to time, we could all do with a little friendly support.

That’s why we’ve created The Circle of Feeling Good: the online wellness hub helping you find that Phenomenal Feeling, everyday.
Bring on your happy place!

The Circle of Feeling Good

Our Promise

To create stylish sustainable clothing essentials that never compromise on people or planet.


Made in Britain with love and care.