Ways to make Christmas more Meaningful

  1. Act out the nativity story with your family members.
  2. Write a Christmas verse on an index card and stick it on your fridge or mirror to memorize throughout the week.
  3. Decorate the Christmas tree while you listen to Christmas carols. Work as a team and make it an expression of everyone’s creativity.
  4. Consider buying gifts from non-profit organizations that empower local artisans and offer hope to third world countries.
  5. Don’t stress about things that really don’t matter this season. Identify what makes this season meaningful to your family, and feel free to say “no” to the rest.
  6. Hang paper snowflakes throughout the house with names of people to pray for; as you pass by, pause for a moment to pray for that person.
  7. Watch DVDS like Why Do We Call It Christmas? and The Nativity Story together as a family. I’m all about bringing home the story of the real Christmas.
  8. Set up a hot cocoa stand somewhere else where homeless people conglomerate and give hot cocoa out for free.
  9. Volunteer to help decorate your church for the season (and/or take down decorations after Christmas).
  10. Host internationals for a Christmas brunch. Call a local college campus and ask them to connect you with students who can’t go home for the winter holidays; offer to host a brunch for a few of them.
  11. Deliver a food basket to a local homeless shelter.



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