Make the Most of Your Days - Countdown to 2022

December is slowly approaching which means we’ve almost reached the end of the year. This is the time to start looking back on what you’ve done but also think about what’s ahead! Here are some things you might want to get into before you say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022!

Go Someplace You’ve Never Been:

Where have you really been wanting to go recently? We’ve all had our lives on pause because of the pandemic and this meant that we couldn’t travel to some of the places we wanted. This may be your time to getaway with a friend or loved one (even a solo trip) and enjoy your last few weeks of the year!

Declutter One Room or Category:

This will give you one less thing to do in the new year! You may be holding a lot of clutter in one room and you haven’t realised. Clear your mind by clearing some space! You’ll feel good about it when you’re done.

Revisit your 2021 goals:

It’s normal to sometimes abandon our goals from the start of the year. Don’t feel guilty! Just maybe take a look back in your journal or the notes on your phone. It’s even okay to discard any that you just aren’t interested in anymore. Focus on the ones that still resonate with you and potentially make an action plan for them.

Trade a Bad Habit for a New Habit:

Pay attention to your daily routines, what you do and don’t do. Maybe identify a pattern that you keep following despite the fact that it’s not in your best interest. Figure out what is creating this pattern and try to remove it!

Make Yourself Uncomfortable:

It’s time to leave your comfort zone. When you do this, you find new opportunities, new perspective, potentially new friends, new skills, and more! Find a small challenge that will make you a little nervous. Afterwards you’ll probably realize it wasn’t something to be afraid of after all. I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling before.

Create a New Connection:

Having connections are actually a great way to network. You’ll never know the opportunities that could come from speaking to that one person. Besides this, connections can turn into friends so that’s another companion to lean on!

Look Inward:

It’s time for some self-assessment! Use this time to look at yourself and ask questions. Are you happy with who you are? Do you live up to the values you’re supposed to hold? Be curious, not judgmental.

Eliminate what you don’t Enjoy:

Write down what is disturbing your peace at the moment and see if you can remove them immediately. Your peace comes first.


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