The Balance Festival - 12-14 November 2021

What is the Balance Festival?

Balance encourages individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle. They bring together fitness trainers, yogis, and chefs to share their vision with people to achieve their better self. Balance also has a Journal and TV. This content also promotes wellbeing through exercise and food.

Where is the Balance Festival?



What you’ll experience…

  • Multiple classes to book at the Boutique Studios
  • Free Sessions available on the Main Stage, the Flow Yoga Studio, the Meditation Dome and the LAB
  • Other experiences are available in places such as the VIP Lounge, the Sanctuary and the Locker Room

At the Balance Festival you’ll have the opportunity to…

  • Taste test samples
  • Enjoy beauty pamper sessions
  • Challenge yourself to a new workout
  • Receive wellness advice
  • Learn how to cook nutritious food
  • Engage in yoga and mindfulness practices

How to buy tickets?

  • Tickets are available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (weekend tickets can also be bought)
  • Both standard and VIP tickets available
  • Tickets available for half-day and full-day admissions
  • Separate tickets for adults and teens


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