Week Two: How to Incorporate Mindfulness in Your Everyday

A lunch hour? What’s that? More often than not we find ourselves too busy to take time out of our working day to stop and take a break, let alone a full hour for lunch. 

According to Science Daily, taking full lunch breaks allows your mind to rest, recharge and refocus and not taking a lunch break, or any breaks at that, can lead you to feeling more tired, stressed and unproductive. 

We’re all guilty of polishing off a sandwich at our desk in front of the computer whilst we tap away. So in this week’s installment of How to Incorporate Mindfulness in Your Everyday, we’re encouraging you to take your full lunch break as an employee or as an employer to encourage your staff to do so. 

When you’re eating, make sure to take your time in that moment. Focus on your senses as you savour your food and appreciate the moment you are in. Allowing yourself to have these moments throughout the day, without getting distracted by spreadsheets and emails, will allow you to feel more productive and relaxed by the end of the working day.

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