Top 3 Mindfulness Apps

1. Insight Timer (Available on iOS, Android and web)

Insight Timer has the worlds largest amount of free guided meditations, with 12,000 to choose from and 90,000 on the paid option you’ll be spoilt for choice. The meditation timer is a great tool to use to get a few mindful minutes into your day. With a range of guided meditations, meditation for beginners, meditative music and sleep meditations, you can’t really go wrong with Insight Timer.

2. Calm (Available on iOS, Android and web)

Voted the number 1 app for meditation, the well known Calm app is a great resource to practice mindfulness. When you first download the app, they ask you what goals you want to achieve from your mindfulness journey and then proceed to tailor your content to your desired needs. You can try calm for free with their 7 day trial. 

3. Headspace (Available on iOS, Android and web)

The Headspace app pride themselves on making “meditation simple”. Their variety of guided meditations can help to relieve stress to improving your relationships with others and quality of sleep. You can’t go wrong with that really! The apps notification settings send you new meditations everyday so it’ll be easy to stay on top of your mindfulness journey.

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