The Positive Body and Mind: How Do You Want To Feel Today?

We are The Positive Body and Mind, a mother and daughter business here to support you with leading the life you’ve always wanted and to feel truly happy and healthy!

How do you want to feel today?

The irony is that we spend much of our lives trying to change the things that are out of our control and not enough time working on the things we can. We cannot change the pandemic but we can change how we respond to it. 

Your brain can consciously exercise CHOICE rather than sleepwalking through the same habitual thoughts. Think of all the positive emotions you could choose from to enhance your day. Calm, joy, confidence and creativity. Then think how your day would unfold differently if you were to operate from this place.

Take hold of the reins of your brain and choose to direct it purposefully and usefully. Like taking your brain to the gym for a workout. We do not have to accept the autopilot route of where it is used to going. We have the capabilities to retrain our brains and when we start to expand on the idea of what it is to be calm and confident, by really envisaging it in detail, we are activating our neurology (and thus the neurotransmitters, hormones and physiology) that go with it. 

So we train our nervous system to activate the parasympathetic response which is responsible for optimal body function and general feelings of wellness and health.

With the right tools and training you can change your thoughts which change your feelings which change your actions and therefore your LIFE! What are you waiting for!


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