Surya Namaskar & Its Health Benefits

‘Sun Salutations’, also better known as ‘Surya Namaskars’ in Sanskrit, is a renowned yoga flow that comprises 12 Asanas. It is one of the most graceful yoga routines that not only energies the body and stimulates muscles, but also has multiple health benefits. It is usually performed in the morning, as it is a tribute to the Sun – the main energy giver. It is believed that this quick practice, when done as a continuous routine, generates ‘prana shakti’ (life energy) throughout the body that vitalizes and balances the chakras. 

To provide maximum results, it should be performed three times daily and works best when performed at dawn, keeping you invigorated and revitalized through the day!


  •     Regulating hormones
  •     Reduces stress and anxiety 
  •     Maintains cardiovascular health
  •     Stimulates nervous system
  •     Enhances strength and power
  •     Improves skin and complexion
  •     Helps greatly with weight loss
  •     Helps regularize the menstrual cycle
  •     Combats insomnia
  •     Detoxes the body
  •     Balances hormones
  •     Increases flexibility, energy and tones muscles
  •     Better digestion

Here’s a 1 minute  animated video showcasing the Surya Namaskar flow and breathwork, by Karani Studios




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