How Are Walking Meditations Helpful?

What is a  ‘Walking Meditation’? A walking meditation, or “meditation in motion” is a form of mindfulness meditation on the go, that helps you find inner peace, where you can be one with yourself again. It is a practise that makes you aware of your physical body, senses and surroundings while you are moving about. The pace at which it is done ranges from slow to extremely slow, as the main idea is for you to centre your thoughts and emotions, while simultaneously enjoying the natural surroundings. 

This meditation is packed with multiple benefits, such as:

  • Increasing blood flow
  • Improving digestion
  • Reducing anxiety and unnecessary stress
  • Enhancing blood circulation and sugar levels
  • Enhancing creativity 
  • Promoting balance and awareness 
  • Improving sleep qualities and cycles
  • Makes exercising more pleasurable
  • Helps in reducing depression 

Use this guided, walking meditation by Goodful while on your walk!

Watch & listen here

Walking medications can be done daily, as they are very easy to do. It is just as beneficial as any other form of meditation and the only difference is that you are aware of your physical surroundings.


  1. Find a suitable, open space (preferably with no obstacles)
  2. Begin to centre yourself, take a deep breath and shift your awareness to your body; discard any other passing thoughts
  3. Play the guided meditation 
  4. Keep maintaining the mindfulness throughout the meditation; avoid getting distracted
  5. Maintain a constant, slow pace and an upright posture throughout 



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