Regulating and caring for your gut

It is  hugely beneficial for  women to take care and regulate their gut health as it can help with many factors that lead to a healthy lifestyle.   

But how can we improve this and where do we begin? Here are a few ways that can improve your gut health:

  • Eat Fiber-Rich and Probiotic-Packed Foods - these include berries, broccoli, beans and even popcorn
  • Consume probiotics - doing this regularly will produce healthy bacteria in the gut which can regulate your gut health
  • Sleep and destress - this helps your body heal and restore and this is essential 
  • Movement - moving your body draws blood flow to your digestive system which helps your body detox and get rid of waste
  • Reduce gluten - foods that contain gluten are breads, cake, cereal and cookies

Once we improve gut health, we can expect our moods to improve, clearer skin, better energy, less anxiety, stronger immune systems and hormone balance!

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