Is there is difference in your skin is your skin purging or breaking out?

Our skin can be very complicated to understand. We wash our face morning and night to get rid of overnight bacteria and grime  but what happens once we start realising our skin is… actually getting worse.


There are two types of spots on our skin - purging and breakouts… but how can we determine which one is which?

Purging is often caused by trying out new products on our skin. Our skin has realised a change to our normal routine and is essentially trying to catch up and understand what these products will do for us. These are normally identified through white heads, blackheads and spots in our normal breakout areas. After 2-8 weeks out skin will understand this was beneficial and will slowly begin to fade.

In contrast to this, a breakout is normally in unusual places we don’t usually breakout. These spots can be more red, blotchy and possibly itchy. This isn’t caused by new products and can be caused by a range of other things such as different foods in our system (particularly oily foods), bacteria on our phones or pillow case or can even be from a lack of water intake. Be sure to regularly clean your pillowcases and wash your face twice a day!

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