How to Declutter Your Mind?

Clearing your mind after a long, tiresome work day, or simply when you are stressed is extremely important; you begin to remove the exhaustive and negative thoughts, while freeing up some mental workspace. Mental clutter may sometimes make it harder to filter positive and important thoughts. It is as though the stressful, negative emotions dominate the happier, positive ones, making it harder for you brain to process the sequential order of thoughts and segregate the good and bad ones.

In order to free up mental space and calm your mind down, we have suggested a list of activities you can do to give your positive thoughts priorities and enhance overall mental wellbeing.

  • Maintain a journal; write down you thoughts
  • Practise mindfulness meditations
  • Listen to soft music
  • Go out for a walk
  • Sleep & unwind
  • Organise your room/workspace
  • Talk about whatever is bothering you and causing the mental blockage

We have found a 10 minute guided meditation on Clearing Your Mind by Goodful. You must liswtn to it whenever you feel it's time to declutter!

Wach & listen here


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