What is Loving Kindness Meditation?

Loving Kindness Meditation is a form of meditation practice through which one directs well wishes and sends out positive thoughts. It is usually done by reciting specific words and phrases to invoke heart-warming feelings and emotions. Focus these love-filled thoughts towards yourself and others throughout.

Start by sitting in a comfortable, relaxed position, and close your eyes. Then, start reciting phrases like ‘May I be happy’, May I be safe’, May I be healthy, peaceful and strong’. Next, begin to feel self-compassion and feelings of warmth, after which you can then shift your focus to your loved ones and invoke the same for them, replacing the ‘I’ with ‘You”. Start to feel gratitude and inner peace. Conclude your practise with a  universal line “May all beings everywhere be happy”.

We have linked a guided Loving Kindness Meditation by UN Health & Wellness below, for you to practise this easily.


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