The Ultimate Healthy Morning Routine

Here's our perfect morning routine and how we get ourselves ready for the day ahead! 

Wake Up

While an obvious part of anyone’s morning routine, here we're specifically referring to how you wake up. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been caught hitting snooze multiple times, even after telling yourself the night before that you absolutely would not. 

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Tips for a better wake-up: 

  • Set your alarm for the same time everyday. 
  • Wake up when your alarm goes off, don't hit that snooze button.
  • Use the time you would have spent snoozing to discover a new ritual or routine. 
  • Set your alarm out of reach
  • Ensure your phone isn't near by, we're saying goodbye to morning scrolling. 


After being asleep for (ideally) 8 hours, your body needs to be hydrated!

It’s no wonder we wake up feeling tired and lacking energy, when we’re completely dehydrated. We keep a glass of water by our bed so we can take a few moments to drink it before we leave our bedroom.


Make Your Bed

This is a non-negotiable for us.

We love the sense of control and peace we get when we can complete a simple task like making our bed first thing in the morning. Making your bed is shown to kick start a chain reaction of organization and focus, helping you to increase your productivity and complete more tasks, because you feel accomplished for having already completed a simple win! 


Facial Routine 

Make sure you wash your face every morning, you produce oils over night which can end up causing spots and breakouts, your skin will also need to be hydrated so lather on your favourite moisturiser. 

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After 8 hours of sleep, it’s common to wake up feeling stiff, and implementing a simple stretching routine is an absolute game-changer


Coffee + Journaling 

We love the comfort of a warm morning drink, especially when sipped slowly while going over our goals for the day, and writing some gratitudes or morning pages. Although most days the drink is still coffee, we like to alternate my morning cup with drinks like green tea or matcha 


The Perfect Shower 

We love a good cold shower first thing in the morning as the cold water helps boost our concentration levels and makes us feel more awake. You should definitely try a cold plunge first thing in the mornings. 


A Healthy Breakfast 

Wether your go to breakfast is a smoothie, avocado on toast, açai bowl or even scrambled eggs and tomato whatever it might be make sure you fuel your body with good food to start your day. 

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