How Plants Can Change Your State Of Mind

Our mental and physical connection to plantlife runs deeper than you might expect.

The scientific evidence that plants play a fundamental role in shaping our mental state and decreasing the risk of mental and physical illnesses is mounting.

They can reduce depression, anxiety and mood disorder symptoms in humans by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can lower heart rate and promote a feel good state of mind.

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Even the little potplant on your desk may have a more potent effect on you than you might realise.

 The houseplants you bought to brighten up your home or                                  workplace may actually be helping you to think more clearly.

Studies have shown that surrounding yourself by plants could improve your concentration by up to 20% and increase your ability to recall information by 15-20%. Plants do this by reducing CO2 concentration and improving air quality.

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Plants have been central to human society from our very beginning, but the way we use and connect with plants has changed over generations and throughout civilisations.

From being reliant on plants for food and medicine during the palaeolithic era (up to 11,000 years ago), modern society has, in many ways, lost its appreciation and awareness of plants.

The World Bank has estimates that by the year 2050, seven out of ten people will be living in cities, and access to plants in their natural environment will become more challenging. We have become more disconnected from nature.

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Humans have 'biophilia', which means we are wired to seek connection with nature and plants.

Plants increase happiness hormones such as endorphin in humans. They are not only intertwined with the fate of the human species but deeply rooted in who we are as individuals.

The shape, colour, smell, feel and taste of plants can uplift us when we interact with them in the moment and blossom in our memories.

From the velvety feel of flower petals against your fingertips, to the delicious scent of essential oils they release to attract pollinators, to the irresistibly mellow taste of chocolate, plants have been tantalising our senses throughout human history.

We all have different memories and experiences that make us connect with plants.


How to you connect with plants, are you a indoor or outdoor plant lover?

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