5 Ways to Unwind Without a Screen


Between working from home or in the office, to scrolling through reels and binge-watching our favourite Netflix show until we fall asleep, it seems we're constantly glued to a screen throughout most of the day. 

There are some side affects to being glued to a screen all day including inattentiveness, poor sleep, and even increased anxiety. That's why we've rounded up some ideas to unwind that doesn't involve screen time! But we think they're just as relaxing as unwinding in bed watching TV!


1. Prepare and eat a meal without a screen: When you enjoy a screen free meal we actually take note of what food we're putting into our body, it also helps us slow down when we eat and taste the flavours. It's also a really good way to not over eat because we'll be more conscious of when we're full! Find some of our favourite mid-week recipes here. 


2. Read a book: We love reading here at EP, we feel like it takes us out of reality and into another world. We promise that reading a book is relaxing and can help you unwind and use your brain in ways you may never have before. Find some of our favourite reads here. 


3. Find your flow with a hobby: Whether you realize it or not, fully engaging in a hobby without distractions is a sort of meditation. From biking to painting to dancing and everything in between, letting your brain immerse itself into one focused activity gives it a reboot and helps clear your mind of negative emotions.


4. Immerse yourself in nature: There's evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and behaviour by helping reduce anxiety, as well as increasing our attention capacity and the ability to connect with other people.


5. Write in a journal: Writing (by hand!) is another meditative hobby that can kick the brain into relaxation mode. It’s a powerful method for releasing all the noise our brains absorb throughout the day via screens onto paper, freeing your brain of unnecessary clutter. Find some self love journal prompts here.



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