Stay Productive during the Winter

  1. Let Light In - you can increase your productivity by as much as 20% by increasing the brightness levels in your workspace.
  2. Get your Heart Pumping and Blood Flowing - exercise floods your body with self-confidence and feel-good endorphins, and also improves your memory and thinking skills.
  3. Take Regular Breaks - taking a break every hour or so will mean you perform better at your work, as your brain gets numb to constant stimulation after a while. It will allow you to come back to the project renewed and with increased energy.
  4. Eat Healthy - food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance and what you eat will affect your productivity. Skipping breakfast or being hungry can make you a lot less productive.
  5. Have an Afternoon Nap - napping for around 20 minutes gives you room in your working memory for retaining new information, as sleeping will help to clear out some info you’ve picked up during the morning. Anything significant is moved to long-term memory, so your memory performance is improved after a nap.
  6. Maintain your sleep routine - make sure that your sleep routine is not altered when the days start getting shorter, so wake up at the time you’re used to, even if it’s still dark!


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