Quick Tips on How to Make Your Day Positive

It’s not everyday that you’re gonna be able to wake up in the early hours with a fresh face in a good mood and ready to start your day. Sometimes you wake up in a weird or bad mood and you don’t actually know how your day is going to go. So by the time it hits noon, you’ve realised you’ve done nothing you wanted, you’re extremely tired or your bad mood never died down.

Do It Over. There's no rule that says you can’t start your day over. Here are ways you can restart a bad day:

1. Redo to-do list - maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed and what you need is to brain dump?

A brain dump is when you get everything out of your head and dump it all onto a piece of paper. Let yourself express your feelings, thoughts and ideas so you can clear your head.

2. Reset your intentions - what is your desired outcome?

Refocus your efforts, what’s the main thing you’d like to achieve at the end of the day? Maybe write them down in a journal.

3. Take a break - walk around, cook, go out for a meal.

Again, it's so important to breathe, relax and gain some energy back. It's okay that your day doesn't go to plan sometimes, your life is not restricted to a set of bullet points.

4. Gratitude - experience and be thankful for everything in your life.

Gratitude is such an effective technique that allows you to focus on what matters in life and humble yourself to remember the great things you have in life.

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