Benefits of Waking Up Early

  1. Start Slowly

You can’t regularly wake up at 8am and decide the next day that you want to wake up at 5am - you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, gradually wake up earlier each day or every few days. 

  1. Sleep Early

Start going to bed earlier than you normally would to get enough hours of sleep, so you won’t feel extra tired when the alarm goes off. 

  1. Set an Alarm Clock

Unless you naturally wake up at your goal time every morning, you’re going to need to set an alarm. Put it across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Also, try to set the alarm to play an inspirational song - something with a positive message or an upbeat sound is much better to wake up to than a series of annoying beeps.

  1. Step Out of the Bedroom

We’ve all turned off our alarm and slipped back into bed. Instead, leave your bedroom and take a trip to the bathroom. Put enough distance between you and your mattress and you’ll find that you’re awake enough to start the day.

  1. Have a Good Reason

It’ll be hard to spring you out of bed every morning if you don’t have a motivating reason. Think of something positive that you plan on accomplishing. 

  1. Consider It as a Reward

By rising early, you’re rewarding yourself. If that’s enough of a motivation, give yourself a treat such as a longer shower if you manage to get out of bed on time.

  1. Use the Extra Time

Is there a book you’ve wanted to read or an online class you’ve wanted to enrol in? Use the extra time you get in the morning to do something that helps you grow and improve.

  1. Eat Less Before Bedtime

If you’re hungry, try a cup of herbal tea for sleep instead of a carb-filled snack.

  1. Make a Firm Decision to Get Up

Even if you plan on waking up early from the night before, you’ll have something urging you to go back to sleep when that alarm turns off. If you can’t fight it, then you’ll need to set up cues in your environment such as sleeping in your exercise clothes, so you’re ready to start your day as soon as you wake up.


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