5 easy ways to regulate your moods

Emotions are very unpredictable, but it is important to track your moods and understand how to get out of the bad ones. Here are 5 ways to regulate your down moods:

Overthinking = write:

The benefits of writing down your thoughts can instantly make your brain seem clear and uncloud your judgement. Writing down thoughts can bring clarity to how you feel and can gain understanding to your overthinking.

Anxious = move:

When anxious, it is normal for our body to natural shut down and freeze. Simply moving around allows blood flow and is a lot more beneficial than staying in one spot.

Tired = eat

Food is fuel. From eating  and allowing food into our body this can instantly wake us up and allow us to feel far more awake.

Confused = walk

Walking when confused can clear our minds. As well as this, this can allow us  

Sad = exercise

When exercising, your body naturally releases endorphins while also naturally increasing your overall health and well being. Exercising allows you to de-stress due to the focus being on the workout and allowing your emotions to regulate from negativity to positivity. Exercise can include weight training, pilates or a simple run/walk!



Once you make it a habit to understand and track your emotions, it can be alot easier to understand how to regulate and change them to positivity or simply understand what you are feeling. One thing that can be misconstrued is the idea that happiness needs to be felt all the time or is the only emotion that is valid. Not everyone can be happy 100% and that’s okay!!

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