What can possibly make your anxiety worse

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that millions of people face. Did you know that women are twice as likely to be affected? While it is very common, it is not common to know that there are some things can possibly make your anxiety worse.

One key major thing that can cause serious anxiety without realisation is the lack of a normal and healthy diet. This can include: skipping meals, drinking caffeine, overindulging in sugar, poor eating habits like overly snacking or eating too much fast food, consuming alcohol and the lack of drinking enough water. It is recommended and required to eat 3 meals a day and drink around 1-2 litres of water a day. This can be different and difficult for everyone but can be a big improvement to lessening your anxiety.


Past diet, other things that can make your anxiety worse are:

  • Ignoring your anxiety - it’s better to fix something once you realise it is wrong. Sometimes it can be a sign or signal that you need to change something to be more at ease.
  • Lack of sleep - it is recommended to sleep around 8 hours a day. This can vary due to situations but it should be avoided to sleep any less than 6 hours for humans to function
  • Comparing yourself to others - this is very difficult! It can be hard to remember that you are your own person and perfect the way you are. Similarly, the person you may be comparing yourself to may be going through their own problems below the surface. Remind yourself that you are incredible individually!

Remember that is is normal to feel anxious! It is normal to have anxiety! You are not alone and speak to friends, family or seek advice if you feel as though it is worse beyond common habits.

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