Why Understanding & Learning About Your Cycle Is Important?

As women, one thing that binds us together as a community is that we all have a menstrual cycle. We all would have started in our early teen years and everyone’s cycle is different but one thing not everyone may know is the weekly phases  breakdown. 

Understanding this could immediately improve our wellness as we’ll know how to look after ourselves a bit more.



Menstrual - this is the week your period commences and the beginning of your cycle. At this time you could feeling extremely tired, low and less social. During this time it is best if you do yoga or try go on a daily walk  

Follicular and Ovulatory - theres are the second and third week of the cycle. During these two week you would feel at your highest most productive self and may improve better in your workouts. Try new things! Go to social events!

Luteal - this is the week prior to your period. During this time your mood may lower again and you may feel most period symptoms such as cramps or blemish breakouts. This can be seen as your rest period for a very long cycle. Be proud! You made it through another one!

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