Our Favourite Wellness Brands You Need To Invest In!

As you all know we're huge advocates for Self Care & Wellness here at Everyday Phenomenal. Every month we'll be sharing some of our favourite wellness brands who we think you NEED to be investing in. 

This month we have a gorgeous beauty & wellness salon in the heart of Devon we just know you're going to love it!




Georgie Glow is a beauty and wellness salon based in the heart of Exeter, Devon founded by Georgina Pooley a matcha lover, wellness expert and skincare therapist.

"Georgie Glow doesn’t just strive on creating visible results you’ll love, but aims to boost your mind and soul towards positivity & wellness."

Georgie Glow’s promise it to keep everything pure & natural, meaning all products are vegan, plant based & cruelty free.


All of their ingredients are jam packed with incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and antibacterial properties which help to soothe blemishes, sensitivity and scarring. Whilst promoting the cells to heal, it regenerates your skin to radiate & glow, giving a clearer complexion.



The ultimate Gus Sea by Georgie Glow can boost the lymphatic system by massaging the fluids away and towards your lymph nodes to put some definition back into your face and reduce puffy legs and ankles. Its a YES from us!

Shop the full Georgie Glow range below 


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