Tips For A Gym Newbie To Make Most Out Of Your Workouts

One of the best ways to improve wellness is being active. There are numerous gyms in London and  some people may struggle to find the motivation in being active at home. Being a newcomer in the gym can be daunting but we can help you feel at ease with some of our tips!



  • A workout split - one really helpful thing in the gym is to split your workouts day to day. This enables focus and can make is less daunting. One example of a way to split your day is: Monday - hamstrings and glutes, Tuesday - core, Wednesday - upper body, Thursday - cardio and Friday - quads
  • Make sure to have scheduled rest days! These are vital to avoid injury and if your goal is muscle mass, rest days are what help build the muscle!
  • Drink water! You should drink water everyday no matter what but especially in the gym. This can be helpful to avoid common cases of feeling lightheaded.
  • Have a goal - knowing what your working towards can not only keep the motivation but can decrease confusion. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Simply improve health and fitness?
  • Watch videos - it is perfectly normal to watch YouTube videos or TikTok videos in the gym. Anything that helps you personally can improve confidence and comfortability.
  • Pick a time and stick with it! - having a regular time slot in your day of when you visit the gym keeps you prepared and can keep you at ease. Are you an early morning or late evening gym person?

Remember you will learn more as you go! This is just the beginning!

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