The Importance of creating “Me Time” for you as a mother.

As rewarding as being a mummy is, it can come with many new emotions some of which can be negative at times . Motherhood by nature means constantly putting your children first and worrying over the smallest things,  why your child won’t sleep, eat etc. Not to forget that your mental health can deteriorate as you try to juggle family, work and social life.

As cliché as this may sound, finding time for YOU is essential especially as a mother since it becomes second nature to prioritize your children and family.  Mothers usually  experience a feeling of guilt whenever they try to take out some time alone but this is essential.  To give your child the best you possibly can,  you have to also be feeling your best, otherwise that build up of ‘mum-stress’ can really get to you and unconsciously project that on to your children. Feeling your best equals giving your best to ensure that your child is well loved and tended to in the healthiest way.

We’ve compiled a list of 4 simple and realistic ways you can unwind solo:

  • 1) Set an early bedtime for your child/children, this will mean you get much of the evening to yourself to relax before they start waking up .
  • 2) Make a plan for a play date with someone you know, it could be a relative, a friend or someone you just met at a mummy group. Whilst your child is busy playing you could perhaps enjoy a chat or a cup of coffee without having your eyes peeled.
  • 3) Get a family member to help out if possible, and take time out for something you love like watching a play, a lunch date with a friend, shopping, going to the spa!
  • 4)Lower your expectations: It's so easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty that you aren't doing enough for your child.

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