Morning Routines

Waking up in the mornings isn’t always easy- and knowing the day ahead is packed with meetings, activities, work and other responsibilities, might not necessarily be most encouraging in getting you out of bed. A good lie-in with coffee sounds much more appealing...

There is one thing that can help make it all easier, though: a morning routine! Setting you up for the day, making you feel more organised, confident and resilient, starting your day off with a regular, sustainable plan can really make the difference.

Don’t let the day control you when YOU can control it better!

Prioritising your commitments is of course very important, but leaving some free time daily to explore what you enjoy and what alleviates feelings of stress and anguish is equally key to happiness and building healthy relationships with the world around you.

Some tips that we try and integrate as part of our morning routines that have made a hugely positive impact on us are:

  • When the alarm goes, don’t snooze- get straight out of bed!
  • Plan your day ahead, write up what needs to be done and when
  • Eat breakfast- a smoothie, eggs and avocado on toast, a pastry with coffee: any food will make for a good breakfast if you can have it!
  • Try doing a little exercise to release those endorphins and get you motivated
  • Schedule your your free time- reading a book, watching some tv, going out; whatever makes you happy!
  • Look after yourself- wear your favourite outfits, do your skincare and makeup if you wear it
  • Be realistic with your morning and your day- overworking and unrealistic goals are never helpful

Now go and seize the day!

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