Helpful Tips & Tricks To Turn A Bad Day/Week Into A Good One.

Maybe you woke up late and missed your train? Spilled your coffee and ruined your outfit? Whatever it is, we know that a sudden bad start to a day can really throw the vibe off. Here are some ideas to turn a bad day around:

Pinpoint the issue

Catch yourself in a bad mood early so it will be easier to do something about it. When you find a concrete reason for your unhappiness, you can work on it.


Be grateful

An effortless way to focus on the positive is to think about what you’re grateful for, whether it’s your job, food on your table, or the clothes on your back. As soon as you start to feel negative, ask yourself, What are three good things that are going on right now? Say them out loud or write them down.


Take action

Send that email that you’ve been putting off or make a call you’ve been worried about. Even something small like picking a healthy snack over a chocolate bar, can create a positive attitude for the rest of your day. You’ll feel even better if your action benefits someone else. Create time to send an email praising someone, you’ll even feel like you have gained time.


Switch up your routine

Changing your environment often helps signal to your brain that the current mood doesn’t need to be endured. Also do something you enjoy, like reading a book,  listening to music or a podcast. 


Create realistic expectations

Many bad days start with unrealistic expectations of what you can accomplish. If your mood is deteriorating because you feel behind after lunch, don’t worry. Highlight what progress you have made. And then make a list of goals you are capable of attaining throughout the rest of the day.



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