Self love journal prompts

Journaling is very beneficial to keep pur thoughts out our mind and find clarity once jotting it down. It can be difficult figuring out what to write about so here are 14 self love journal prompts. Complete 1 a day and you will be able to journal for 2 weeks!

What am I most proud of myself for?
When do i feel sexiest?
How do i make others feel?
What is my self care routine?
How can i love myself unconditionally?
What does self love mean to me?
What are my biggest achievements?
What is my self love language?
What do i think people will remember me for?
What do i need to forgive myself for?
I am happiest when…
How would my best friend describe me?
What is my favourite thing about my personality?
What am i most grateful for having in my life?

Journaling can help connect with our inner child and this can help us on the journey to self love

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