How To Get More Organised?

Being extremely well-organised and neat does not come naturally to everyone; for that to happen, one needs to follow and practise healthy habits, which in turn helps one to become a more organised and well-planned person. 

Organisation is a very important skill in life, as you know your priorities, limit yourself from wasting time on unnecessary activities, know what is best for you and makes it easier for you to create a plan to follow for your everyday schedule. Being an organised person helps you align your thoughts in a more structured manner as well, making you more focused and determined.

We have provided a list of habits that will make you a more organised person and lead you to a well-structured lifestyle.

  • Create schedules and deadlines: maintain a daily planner
  • Write down notes on post-its / a diary
  • Get storage and stationery organisers or trays for all your belongings (especially for your desk!)
  • Declutter regularly
  • Only keep what you actually need
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Work hard
  • Choose one tool and stick with it throughout
  • Make use of the word “No”
  • Don’t overcomplicate; simplify everything
  • Colour coding
  • Use binders
  • Keep a small white board for reminders (maybe on your fridge for daily chores)




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