Fresh Summer Juices & Its Benefits

During summer months, you tend to lose a lot of water from your body, which often makes you feel dehydrated. By default, everyone tends to crave cold beverages and ice creams - but, have you tried consuming fresh juices instead? Opting for fresh juices made at home is definitely the healthiest option, a refresher and very easy to make!

we have added 7 of our favourite juices and its benefits!

  • Beet Juice: blend together beet with other foods such as ginger, carrots, lemon, green apple to make it tastier and adding to the nutritive content. It contains nitrates that convert into nitrate oxides in blood helps the various blood vessels to expand and relax.
  • Apple Juice: packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, apple juice is easy to make and has many health benefits including: weight loss, constipation cure, glowing skin and boosting imunity. It has a sweet taste!
  • Watermelon Juice: this is surely one of the most cooling juices and fruits that is extremely hydrating - 92% water content, it is rich in vitamins A & C, and is naturally sweet! Garnish it with mint leaves for a fresher taste.
  • Ginger & Turmeric Lemonade: this is one of the healthiest juices, more like a remedy, that helps cure health conditions such as Alzheimers and nausea. It is also anti-inflammatory, acts as an anti-depressant, reduces heart problems, protects DNA, makes the skin glow, etc. 
  • Green Juice: this is a power-packed juice made of cucumber, celery, green apples and lemon, that is exceptional for weightloss.
  • Orange Carrot Ginger Juice: this is one of the most common juices, filled with vitamin C and high in nutrient content. It is a go-to juice for many people and can be consumed at any point in the day with any meal!
  • Pineapple & Celery Green Juice: this combination has multiple health benefits, such as alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties, helps solve digestive problems and is packed with anti-oxidants. This juice will surely make you glow from both, the inside and outside.


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