Enjoying Your Own Company

  1. There is Value in Unstructured Time

Enjoy your alone time by allowing yourself to be free from planning. But remember the difference between unstructured and listless. For example, don’t spend your alone time scrolling through someone else’s life on Instagram or Facebook - that defeats the whole purpose.

  1. Recommit to Personal Growth

Being alone can:

  • Help you to self-observe, which is less natural in social settings.
  • Provide space to process your thoughts and feelings about the world, rather than overloading your life with the opinions of others.
  • Allow yourself to see a clearer definition of what a well-lived life looks like, instead of comparing your experience to somebody else’s.
  1. Unplug Yourself

Unplugging from the news, social media and all social disharmony is essential in relearning how to be alone. Maybe even consider a last minute solo trip to a city you’ve never visited. 

  1. What Do You Want to Do?

Being social can involve figuring out what other people want to do with their time and finding the middle ground between your interests and theirs. It’s okay to go to the movies by yourself, eat in a cafe alone, spend the night in on a Friday night by yourself. Don’t always be the one to compromise your happiness to do what other people enjoy.

  1. Don’t Abandon Your Goals

So you’ve learned about the benefits of enjoying your own company and time to yourself, the next step is to live your hobbies and dreams. Achieve your goals and refuse to define your happiness like other people do!

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