The Benefits of ASMR

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’. ASMR is a relaxing sensation and sometimes a tingling feeling that starts on the scalp and moves down the body like a ‘brain massage’. 

It is triggered by many different experiences but often by sight triggers including folding laundry and brush strokes as well as sound triggers such as whispers, scratching, tapping and crackling. Some people experience ASMR in response to smell or physical touch as well.

ASMR has proven to not just be a pleasurable feeling but also to have psychological benefits such as: 

  1. Anxiety & stress relief 

ASMR can provide increased feelings of relaxation which can give relief and act as a distraction from anxious thoughts. People have also reported feeling of being comforted or being cared for when experiencing ASMR as well as being able to feel less pain.

  1. Lower heart rate 

Studies have proven that when experiencing ASMR the heart rate can decrease around three beats per minute leading to a state of relaxation and calm. This level is comparable to the heart rate when meditating and experiencing mindfulness.

  1. Emotional Benefits

Research has shown that ASMR can provide increased positive emotions such as excitement and calmness, as well as decreased negative emotions such as lower levels of stress and sadness. People have also reported increased sense of connection with others.

  1. Mindfulness 

People who can experience ASMR, as not everyone can, report deep relaxation, feelings of peace, comfort and wellbeing much like being in a state of mindfulness. People who experience ASMR often have more characteristics of mindfulness, such as non-judgmental, attentive to the present and trusting, than people who don’t experience ASMR.

  1. Relief from Insomnia 

ASMR is used for deep relaxation and this is the perfect remedy for helping them fall asleep. Studies show that by listening to/watching ASMR and entering a state of relaxation it is therefore easier to drift off to sleep. Mindfulness is also a powerful sleep enhancer, improving sleep quality and quantity, and making you fall asleep quicker.

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