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With various events that have been happening throughout the last year, it is so important now more than ever we educate ourselves on social and environmental issues. Here’s some of the books we’ve found insightful over the past year:

No one is too small to make a difference” - Greta Thunberg

We all know that Greta Thunberg is the biggest inspiration to wake up and fight for the planet. This book will give you all of the knowledge you need.

How to give up plastic” - Will McCallum 

This book is a guide to eliminating plastic from your life. It will teach you how to spot plastic where it is not needed and help you slowly remove it from your everyday.

Why i’m no longer talking to white people about race” - Reni Eddo-Lodge

This book is an attempt to speak out and raise a very important voice. Every voice raised against racism chips away at its power.

Such a fun age” - Kiley Reid

This wonderful book by Kiley Reid tells the story of a young black woman who is wrongly accused of kidnapping while babysitting a white child and everything that happens because of it.

How to break up with fast fashion” - Lauren Bravo 

This guide will inspire you to do everything you can to stop buying fast fashion. Expect tips on recycling, reusing and renting!

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