10 Life-Changing Habits To Take Into 2024

Every year, our resolution remains the same: live our best lives. And how do we stay pushing our own boundaries in wellness, beauty, and mental health? Sticking with the basics and the best new habits we’ve learned in the last year.

We’ve compiled some of our best habits, favourite epiphanies, and personal growth endeavour's to inspire your to stay on track with us into 2024 and beyond. 


Our Top 10 Life Changing Habits

- Fresh Air

- Decline of the sweet tooth

- Major Hand Skincare 

- Habit Stacking 

- Embracing Singledom 

- Yoga

- Saying goodbye to plastic

- Scalp Care

- Natural vitamins & minerals

- Next level sun protection 


You don't have to do these right away and feel the need to implement these into your everyday life right now. These are simple ways that you can do a little more for you throughout 2024 and make your life that little bit better. 

Will you try? 

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