No Commitment Days

The New Self Care Ritual 

We talk a lot about self care here at EP, from Self Care Hacks for Stressful times, or maybe its a Self Care Shower, to even how to Structure Your Skincare Routine the list goes on and on. Today we want to take another approach on how to live your best life. 

Enter: no-commitment days. 

Let us explain our theory here. We've started a “no-commitment day” on the weekend where it’s just a day to ourselves with no plans. Instead of getting overwhelmed with saying yes to meeting up with friends for brunch, dinner, etc., We block out one day of the weekend to ourselves. It removes the pressure of having to make up an excuse and the guilt of saying we can’t make it. It sounds a little selfish because it is—it’s prioritising our needs, and for us, that’s downtime to do whatever we want. Actually, it actually feels more powerful than selfish. 


If you're one of those who can get easily overwhelmed with too much commitment (and that's PERFECTLY OK) then this is the perfect day for you. Not everyone enjoys having a jam-packed weekend with afternoon and evening plans every day. It can stress you out, and as much as you may like hanging out with your friends the weekends can start to loose their lustre of relaxing and unwinding when your schedule is completely full! 

No commitment days allow you to embrace the fact you don't want to commit and you would rather spend the time laying low to taking the day at your own pace. 


Here's our top things you can do on a No - Commitment Day! 


Let us know how you get on with your No Commitment Days xx 

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