Structuring Your Skin Care

Being new to skin care can be confusing and how to treat your skin properly can be confusing. Here is a clear structured way to cleanse your skin properly if you are new to it, step by step!

  1. Understand your skin type - this is a major first step that people often skin over. To figure out your skin, use your regular cleanser to wash your face then apply nothing to your face for an hour to two hours. If shiny, you have oily skin. If tight and flaky you have dry skin. If both, you have combination and if neither you have normal skin (lucky you!)
  2. Cleanse - to cleanse be gentle on your face and use hands to massage product in face for 45 seconds to 1 minute
  3. Treatments - this includes: exfoliation, serums, spot treatments (to only be applied at night). This is where you can use your gua sha - look at our previous blog post about it 
  4. Moisturise - no matter what skin type you are, you need to moisturise your skin day and night. This locks in all the treatments you previously applied!
  5. Sunscreen - it is vital and important that no matter what skin type you are or skin colour you have you MUST use sunscreen. This is due to the harsh sensitivity the sun may put upon our skin, also keeps the moisture and treatment you previously applied to settle on your skin for longer



Did you know that a key tip to evaporate skin blemishes and acne is using sunscreen?


Note: you don’t need to where sunscreen in the evening (there’s no sun!)

If you want to incorporate a face mask into your skin care routine, use no more than twice a week to avoid complications and irritations

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