The Power of Positive Thinking

The buggie got soaked in a puddle, your child’s favourite cereal was out of stock at the supermarket and you had a bad hair day; we all know how it feels to have those off days and the thoughts that come with it, so when thinking about positive thinking it seems like a bit of a stretch. Well, there's always a way around it, just like those bad days and the circle of feeling good is here to help! 

We stand by the 555 motto: 5 hours, 5 days and 5 weeks. Is the issue you're facing or anxious about going to matter in 5 hours, 5 days and 5 weeks? If it’s not, is there any point in keeping yourself caught up about it and spending all that time worried about something that's not going to affect you. 

But sometimes it's not going to be as easy as that and sometimes the issues you are having are going to be a bit more longstanding, which is OK! But it's the way we deal with things and the way we approach them that's going to help us, and that starts with positive thinking.

So, how can we implement positive thinking into our approach of these situation: 

  1. Step back: situations can get overwhelming but this doesn't mean ignoring them to snowball but by stepping back and removing yourself from the situation for a small time frame you can see it from a clearer perspective which initiates the solution via positive thinking.
  2. Make a plan: Taking control of the situation incacts change, after gaining that clarity and creating an approach to the situation you are regaining the feeling of control that will allow you to take positive steps forward. 
  3. Rewind: Having dealt with the situation whatever the outcome you can now approach the aftereffects in two different ways positive and negative. Take for example you have an interview for a new job and it's been making you anxious because you have a lot of pressure at home to provide for your kids. You go to the interview and you did ok but you feel it could have gone better. Even though you took the steps beforehand to relieve that anxiety before the interview you still have that looming mindset at the end of the day. So, instead of approaching the situation negatively (stimulating an overwhelming snowball of anxiety) , step back, clarify the situation and assess the plan of action for you to get over this with a positive mindset. 

Obviously, it is easier said than done which is why it needs to become a routine and habit to be successful without support, but you can do it and the circle of feeling good has got you. As well as this article we have loads of posts helping mums and working women get the support they need to feel good inside and out. It's all about taking the first step!

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