5 Self Care Apps For Your Phone

We are all on our phone daily and it can be of help to track or regulate moods to keep track, keep organised and possibly keep our minds on track. People often use their phones as ways of distraction from other issues so this can be of help 

(please note the applications listed work for IOS devices, check your app store if they have them or similarities

  1. Calm - Calm is an app dedicated for meditation. On this app there are several sections such as bedtime stories, wind down meditations, guided meditations or simply just nature sounds. This app also features a mood tracker and personal journey. While this is free, it is recommended to upgrade to premium as you can unlock a lot more features accustomed to you personally
  2. Routinely - this app is for people who want a routine but don’t know where to start. You’re able to add daily tasks in while a timer will start so you can be focused at the task at hand. As well as this, there is an analysis tracker
  3. DailyBean - this app is specific for tracking your moods. This is an easier more fun way of journaling that may not take up your whole day
  4. I Am - this is an app that gives you notifications throughout your day of affirmations. Sometimes it can be hard to think of what you want to affirm… this app is perfect!
  5. Diary 365 & Me - this app is essentially a journaling app made easy. You’re provided daily questions and you can fill them in. This can be seen as a type of shadow work which is excellent when improving mental health

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