Green Flags In Yourself 🩷


Green flags aren't just for the romantic relationships that you might be apart of. Or even green flags in friendships, it's helpful to turn inward and see these kinds of signs in ourselves. Being aware of our own growth and how far we've come can help us make a habit out of the healthy and positive decisions we're making. 

In other words: It’s all about that self-awareness, baby. 

This self-care Sunday we're sharing those green flags that you're changing for the better and living the best life for your future you. 


Here are 6 green flags in yourself: 

1. You keep your promises to yourself. 

That could be anything from writing in your diary, drinking more water, making a switch from coffee to Matcha, doing yoga twice a week. Whatever it is you follow through on commitments to yourself, you build confidence and trust. 

2. You treat yourself with kindness. 

As Harry Styles says, TPWK. Realizing that that practice also applies internally is a lightbulb moment. 

3. You choose quality over quantity.

When it comes to friends, plans, commitments, whatever! Choosing quality over quantity means you’re setting healthy boundaries, surrounding yourself with good vibes, and putting your energy where it matters. 

4. You choose the path that’s best for you.

Even if it isn’t easy or comfortable, you know growth is rarely either of those things.

5. You allow yourself to feel your feelings without judgment. 

Nothing good ever comes from bottling up your feelings. You acknowledge, allow, and accept all your emotions and let them go when they no longer serve you. Your feelings don’t define you. 

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