The Best Oils for Acne Prone/ Oily Skin

It’s only normal to worry about using oils if you already have oily skin. Will it make me even oilier? Will it break me out?

Will my skin even absorb it? Will it help at all? The answer is YES - if you find the right products.

Some of our favourites to use include:

  • Rosehip Oil. There are countless benefits to adding this oil to your daily skincare routine. Easing the appearance of wrinkles, brightening your skin and evening out skin tones/ discolorations, firming the skin, reducing scars and calming down redness are amongst our favourite advantages of Rosehip oil.
  • Tea Tree Oil. Looking to balance oil on the skin whilst keeping moisturized and keeping redness or angry blemishes down? Tea tree oil is for you. A few drops a day and you skin will look and feel beautiful.
  • Jojoba Oil. This Australian oil packed with antioxidants and healthy skin nutrients is perfect, giving you a glowing look as well as wonderful ingredients your skin will love.
  • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. This oil is made especially for anyone with oily and sensitive skin. Calmative, non-comedogenic, and made from pressed hemp seeds, it will give your skin hydration and abundant antioxidants to be as healthy as it can.

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