Social Media Detox Tips

A social media detox, no matter how long or short, can be very beneficial to your mental health. Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling for hours on end? Social media can change your perception of reality and may leave you feeling insecure. Therefore a break from it is never a bad idea. The benefits of a detox can be reduced anxiety, less FOMO (fear of missing out) and better sleep routine.

How to detox from social media:

  1. Delete the apps so you have no access to your socials 
  2. Get a friend to detox with you so you aren’t doing it alone
  3. Get a watch/alarm clock to stop you using your phone for the time
  4. Watch your screen time and make sure you stay below a certain level if you can’t quit social media completely
  5. Practise mindfulness to keep yourself feeling balanced and not in need to reach for your phone


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