Using Honey For Self Care

Are You A Honey Lover?

Honey is not only a tasty topping for foods but can be very beneficial in a range of areas. This is due to the natural antioxidants and the antibacterial and antifungal properties. Here are a list of ways you can use honey in your next self care day.


Exfoliating your lips:

Mix with sugar to create a scrub or simply apply a thin layer over your lips before bed and wake up to smooth lips in the morning!

Acne & Glowing Skin:

You can mix honey with aloe vera, both very welcoming for the skin. Apply to the skin and cover with a bandage at night, the wake up and wash off followed with regular skin care routine

Split ends:

Mix honey with olive oil and apply to the ends of the hair. This will moisture and treat the dry ends


Apply honey over the scar and leave it overnight. One benefit of honey is that it can heal and soothe wounds!!


Mix honey with lemon juice and apply to blackhead affected area. Only leave on for a short time and if your skin appears red, irritated, itchy or burning, rinse off IMMEDIATELY! 

Did you know honey is the one natural food source to never spoil. It may change colour or texture but this doesn’t mean it’s bad!


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