The Best Scents for Relaxation

End the weekend by immersing yourself into calming scents that are rejuvenating, stress-relieving and gentle. We have curated a list of some of the most therapeutic and relaxing scents that will transport you to a Zen state of mind.

The scents listed below share common properties including: calming, unwinding, reducing anxiety, releasing tension, clearing negative thoughts, invigorating senses, refreshing, peaceful sleep, clearing blocked sinuses.

  •     Lavender

  •     Geranium

  •     Lemon

  •     Chamomile

  •     Bergamot

  •     Jasmine

  •     Peppermint


7 methods to use these scents:

  •     Lighting candles
  •     Reed diffusers
  •     Spraying it in your bedroom
  •     Spraying it onto your pillows
  •     Inhaling the fragrance
  •     Bath salts
  •     Body oils



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