How to draw the most relaxing bubble bath ever

First of all, Create Ambiance. 

You can do this by putting some music of your choice, lights and flowers work wonders, and having tea that you like. 

Now, you need to draw a bath.

1. What you need is a cup of bath salts like epsom salt and some bubbles. 

2. A few drops of essential oil like lavender will calm you down and you'd feel sleepy after the bath.

So dive in! 


3. For the ultimate spa experience, apply a face mask for 10 minutes, then wipe off with a warm facecloth while you bathe for the bath glow.

4. After a 15 minutes soak, pull on those bath mitts (exfoliating gloves) and use a body scrub of your choice to exfoliate the body.

5. Shower with plain warm water before you step into a fluffy towel and a robe. 

6. Moisturise your skin as much as you can till it shines.

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