5 Benefits of Using Moisturisers

1. Helps reduce blemishes: Blemishes tend to appear when your skin is dry, thus, moisturising your skin regularly makes the skin tone more even, reduces patches and hydrates it thoroughly, leaving behind a healthy glow!.

2. Helps your skin stay & look young: Healthy, younger looking skin is only possible to achieve if you make moisturising a part of your daily routine. The daily loss of cells from your skin leave it exposed to dryness and other elements that have the ability to damage the skin. The face, neck and ears are the most sensitive areas and are prone to skin cancer, hence, moisturising regularly keeps these areas healthy and creates a protective barrier.

3. Helps fight wrinkles: After moisturising your skin, it tends to feel full, plump and fresh. This happens because you replenish your skin with additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which helps the skin maintain its elasticity for a long period of time, combating wrinkles and lines. Studies suggest that those with dry skin tend to have plenty of wrinkles versus those who moisturise regularly, with a fraction of wrinkles.

4. Helps reduce skin problems and conditions: Looking for moisturisers pertaining to your skin type is extremely necessary, for example, for dry or oily skin. Each skin type is different, causing different skin issues. You must consult a dermatologist to find the right kind of lotion for your skin type, and regular moisturising will fight these problems, definitely reducing them over a period of time.

5. The best end to a hot shower: Ending your showers with moisturizers is the best way to replenish the moisture that gets stripped off from your skin with hot water. Applying some lotion after makes your skin more hydrated and compensates for the moisture lost.


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