3 Homemade Face Mask Recipes

1. Soothe and Calm

Day to day life can pose real stress on our skin, from pollution to abrasive skin care routines. We have the perfect face mask recipe to soothe and moisturise your skin. You will need:

1 tsp honey 

1 tsp coconut oil 

¼ avocado 

2 drops of lavender oil 

Mix together and apply with a facemask brush. Leave to do its thing for 10 minutes and then remove with warm water and a muslin cloth.


2. Dull Skin 

Do you often feel your skin lacks a bit of life and vitality? Feels a little tired and dull? This facemask recipe will be perfect for you. Vitamin C will be your best friend here in order to help brighten your skin. You will need:

1 cup of boiled water 

1 tea bag of green tea

6 raspberries 

Brew the green tea bag for two minutes. Once brewed open the top of the tea bag and place the leaves in a small bowl. Mash the raspberries with a fork and mix into a paste with the green tea. Leave to cool and apply to dry skin for 15 minutes and then remove with warm water and a muslin cloth. 

3. Dark Circles

Early mornings, late nights and busy days all contribute to dark under eye circles. Wake your face up the right way with this coffee infused under eye mask  to temporarily tighten your skin and prepare you for the day ahead. You will need:

½ tbsp of ground coffee 

1 tsp of raw honey

Mix the ingredients together, adding the honey until it creates a thin, liquid (ish) paste. Apply under the eyes for a maximum of 10 minutes and rinse with warm water and a muslin cloth.

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