15 Easy Wellness Self-Care Ideas to Follow on Sunday

Living a fast paced life is common for many of us. Hectic routines and a busy work life tend to make us forget to take time out for ourselves and take care of our overall well being. Putting yourself first at times is necessary and is vital to unwind and declutter your mind.

We have put together a list of 15 simple self-care ideas to follow on a Sunday - the day off! These little ideas are extremely accessible, simple yet rejuvenating and therapeutic.

  1. Plan a spa day for yourself
  2. Take long showers or bubble baths using bath bombs or have a quick aromatherapy session
  3. Reduce screen time by setting a time limit
  4. Try doing short meditations or yoga to calm your mind
  5. Take a leisurely walk in the park or in your neighbourhood
  6. Read a book or magazine of your interest
  7. Baking something will surely lift your mood
  8. Try out a new post-shower skincare routine
  9. Take a nap to catch up on missed sleep
  10. Have a small picnic or even a day road trip
  11. Order in dinner from your favourite restaurants
  12. Try gardening 
  13. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers
  14. Light your favourite scented candles
  15. Binge watch your favorite Netflix show all day!



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